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The empowering workout program for women who want strength, curves & well-being. No matter if your goal is to get stronger, perform better, develop those curves or to simply be healthier, this program covers it all! It is designed for three workouts in the gym per week, with two days of cardio and mobility training.
Our 3 perfectly structured ab workouts with the best and most effective exercises, rep ranges and amount of sets. All backed by science to get you get the best results possible. The exercises are carefully chosen to work both the upper and lower ab muscles, as well as your obliques.
Dr. Muscle helps you get in shape faster because it uses AI to create a new custom workout for you every time you train. If you’re an advanced lifter who needs customized workouts everytime you go to the gym, you need to check this app out.

You want to eat pizza, but you also want that body of your dreams

As a doctor, I’m here to say that you can have both, AND add 14 years to your life. I mean, who wants to eat broccoli and spinach all day? Diet Like a Doctor is the eBook that provides the solution. It’s no diet, it’s a science-based system to lifelong results adapted to YOU. 

Unlike other diet books, we use a combination of over 250 scientific references, psychology, and our experience as doctors and coaches to help you turn science into practice. Every chapter ends with a checklist of things you need to do, and the book ends with a 22-step system that guides you to your new life of having your dream body, while still allowing you to enjoy the foods you love.

If you are ready for REAL science based change, get started now.
Striving for a science based community

run by health experts

Doctors collaborating with physiotherapists, researchers and fitness experts forming Team EBT. Together our mission is to deliver the best and most reliable information to you.

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Evidence based

EBT stands for Evidence Based Training, meaning that everything we share is backed by referenced scientific research. We put an end to fake news and teach you how not to be fooled. Check out our science guide.

Become the best version of you

The evidence based lifestyle gives you the tools to learn anything in the most effective way possible. In the gym in the kitchen, and in life.


In-Depth Guides

For the serious fitness enthusiast, athlete or personal trainer. Check out Diet Like a Doctor and MASS.

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Workout plans

Tailored to your goals and your fitness level. Find your plan here. We’re also collaborating with the best muscle building app out there: Dr. Muscle.

Meal plans

We provide a range of diet options. Low carb, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, and flexible dieting.

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Don’t waste money on fat burners. We give you a complete list of the supplements that science has shown to work. Get started here!

become a personal trainer

Together with experienced athletes, behavioral therapists, and marketers we’ve put together a course that is not only based on science, but also gives you the tools to succeed in practice as a personal trainer: we introduce EBT Academy.

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