Diet Like A Doctor


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The E-book teaches you:

  • How to build habits which eventually become effortless behavioral changes
  • How to look past tricky marketing, to be able to know which foods are healthy and which are not
  • How to confront your temptations of wanting to eat junk food
  • To become aware of factors which are stopping you from reaching your goals
  • How to handle the social implications of making healthy choices in today’s society
  • How to practically approach the implementation of lifestyle changes, rather than just focusing on the theoretical aspects


The Scientific Solution to Staying Consistent With Any Diet

87% of people fail with long term weight loss (1)

That’s why we won’t teach you what DIET to follow, but WHAT to follow to make any diet work.  We give away most of this stuff on our blog, Instagram and Facebook already. Plus there are several thousand free resources out there that already break this down. If you want some deeper information, “advanced” nutrition advice, just keep hanging out in our blog. We will always give you the newest scientific evidence FOR FREE. The information is already out there.

What you need is something else…

There’s something missing in your knowledge. A missing piece of the puzzle, that keeps everything from falling into place. We are going to tell you about something much, much more important. Something that will change everything and transform your dieting into a success.

The 5 Science Based Laws – For Whatever Diet You Use

Because information doesn’t mean anything if you cannot put it to practice. These laws will help you do just that.

  • Following a weight-loss diet? You need consistency…without it, you won’t succeed.
  • Trying to gain mass? Same thing.
  • Burning fat for summer? Same thing, again.
  • Trying to eat to improve your mood? More important than ever to be consistent.

This is the ONE thing you need BEFORE you start any and all diets!

This is the missing piece.

Dieting right combined with sound exercise, can help you with many of your health and aesthetic problems. We don’t care what you follow, we just care THAT you follow your diet, and to do that, you need to know what actually works. Using science! That’s why we created DIET LIKE A DOCTOR. A book based off of evidence. There are no opinions here, only facts. As Doctors we practice Evidence Based Medicine, because evidence WORKS. So why not use the same principles in your diet? Stop wasting your time, energy and money on stuff that isn’t even proven! Like we always say: Do what’s proven. Skip the myths.

Dr Sasha Koul, one of Sweden’s top heart specialists deals with the implications of bad dieting every day. Treating thousands of patients with heart disease every year, he had this to say about our book:

“Diet Like a Doctor offers phenomenal insight in concise fashion into behavioral aspects of dieting. The book singles out various factors involved in success and failures in weight loss and outlines well various mental strategies in combating excess weight. Highly recommended!”
– Dr Sasha Koul, M.D. PhD Cardiology