Strong woman fitness programme for women


The empowering workout program for women who want strength, curves & well-being. No matter if your goal is to get stronger, perform better, develop those curves or to simply be healthier, this program covers it all! It is designed for three workouts in the gym per week, with two days of cardio and mobility training.

Abs workout routine abdominal 6-pack abs

Abdominal "Core"

Our 3 perfectly structured ab workouts with the best and most effective exercises, rep ranges and amount of sets. All backed by science to get you get the best results possible. The exercises are carefully chosen to work both the upper and lower ab muscles, as well as your obliques.

Workout Program Beginner


Your fitness journey begins here. No matter what your goal, the EBT Science Based Beginner Workout Routine is designed to optimize your results as a beginner and set the foundation for your future results. If you have never picked up a weight, or if you have been lifting for under 12 months, this program is for you! The plan consists of three complete full body workouts, with breakdowns muscles used for each exercise as well as links to videos to make sure you’re using proper form. We have cherry picked exercises to make sure your body starts learning appropriate movements right from the start. So what are you waiting for?​

Time Saver Workout for beginners

TimeSaver: Beginner

The TimeSaver Workout routine is brutally effective at building as much muscle as possible with the shortest time spent in the gym as possible. As we get older we realize that there are other things in life that we want to make room for, but at the same time we don’t want to sacrifice precious gym time. So why not design a program centered around getting the same amount of work done, but with less of a time investment. More time to be social, hang out with family and friends, and more time to do whatever else in life that you love!

Time Saver Workout for advanced users save time at the gym

TimeSaver: Advanced

Build Muscle As Fast As Possible

The TimeSaver Advanced Workout routine is brutally effective at building as much muscle as possible with the shortest time spent in the gym as possible. Our advanced program is for the experienced lifter, preferably 2 or more years.

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