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Our Mission Statment

To use our knowledge as health professionals to make the vast amount of information fitness and nutrition easily understandable and usable, all while highlighting common misunderstandings and myths to avoid unnecessary time and energy wasted.

Evidence Based Apporach

Science helps us evaluate what we think we know, and to test our beliefs using studies. If you dig deeper into many of the popular fitness and nutrition trends today, you will find that there is usually very little to back up their claims other than big promises and persuasive reasoning. To really know what works, we believe that claims have to be testedTherefore our advice always stems from referenced studies, while remaining humble to what we don’t know, and what needs to be explored further. Your time should be invested in what has been shown to work, not in what “feels” like it could work!

Our Competence

As practicing medical doctors and over 10 years of weight-lifting experience we are the resource you need to understand the changes you need to make for fitness success!

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