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"MASS is one of the best investments an intelligent lifter can make. So many people want to know what the research REALLY says but don't know who to trust to tell them the truth. MASS takes the guesswork out of it by distilling down the hardcore, cutting edge science into a palatable form that is easy for anyone to understand and implement practically into their own training."
Layne Norton
Ph.D in nutritional sciences. Coach. Bodybuilder. Powerlifter.

Extremely relevant and focused.

MASS focus is narrower than other research reviews, focusing solely on strength and physique athletes, coaches, and enthusiasts. This means that every month, they’ll review only the research that’s the most relevant for you and your results.

Application is dead simple.

Each article begins with a bulleted list of key points and ends with another list of applications and takeaways. Both aim to tell you exactly what the newest research means for you training or nutrition so you can start applying the latest science right away.

1,000+ new exercise science and nutrition studies are published every month.

You know that keeping up with the latest science is crucial to being the best athlete or coach you can be.

Even if you just lift for fun, you want to be sure you’re getting the most out of your time in the gym.


Trying to learn more about science-backed training and nutrition strategies can be extremely frustrating, especially on the internet.

Anybody with a little chutzpah and time to kill can start their own website or YouTube channel and start presenting themselves as a “fitness authority.” The information they’re presenting is typically of dubious quality at best.

Trying to gather information in the gym isn’t much better. You could ask the biggest dude in the gym, but there’s no guarantee that he got jacked because of his training, and not in spite of it. You could ask the overeager trainer, but they’re just going to blindly recite whatever they heard at the last seminar they attended. Finally, there’s the grizzled veteran who’ll tell you what they did in the “good old days,” but who hasn’t kept up with recent advances in training and nutrition science.

But since you know it’s important to keep up with the latest science, you try to do it all yourself.


Going through the studies each month is extremely time-consuming. Spending time figuring out how to apply them all is difficult. Having access to all the different journals is expensive. Interpreting research and figuring out which studies are trustworthy and applicable to you is frustrating.

You want the benefits of knowing the latest science and want to stay on the cutting-edge of training and nutrition, but you don’t have the time, energy, and money to sift through the journals, pick out which studies are applicable, analyze their design for trustworthiness, critically read them, and figure out how they apply to you training or your client’s training. Doing that for just one study is quite a task. Now imagine doing it for 1,000+ studies across 50+ different journals. For most people, that’s just not feasible.

So what happens if you can't keep up with all that incoming research?

One of two things usually happens when someone doesn’t keep up with the literature.

If you’re depending on headlines to keep you up-to-date, it’s super easy to get swept away in a fad because you don’t understand how new findings fit into the overall body of scientific literature. You’ll constantly be chasing the next new thing, but never actually getting anywhere.

On the other hand, you could end up sticking with a training or nutrition concept that’s been abandoned and updated with new, more relevant findings. You end up stuck in old ways of doing things and not taking advantage of evolved and improved discoveries.

So you know you need to keep up with the science, but you also know that – up to this point – doing so required time, energy, and money that you just don’t have.

The three of us (Greg, Eric, and Mike) have committed our careers to helping alleviate this problem. Now, we’re coming together to smash that problem for you once and for all.

Be an expert in strength and physique sport without wasting any time, energy, or money.

Introducing, Monthly Applications in Strength Sport (MASS). 

If you’re serious about getting the most out of your time in the gym, and you’re fed up with the confusion of trying to sift through the conflicting information that’s out there, MASS is for you.

MASS is a shortcut,  a “secret weapon” to put you head and shoulders above the rest. An athlete or coach who knows and truly understands the latest great research has a huge advantage over his competitors.

Every month, we sift through 100+ journals and 1000+ studies to handpick the cutting-edge research that’s most relevant to you, and will help you build muscle, gain strength, and get leaner.  All three of us are athletes and coaches as well, so we know how to separate the truly valuable and applicable studies from the novelties that are never going to make it out of the lab and into the gym.

If you’re tired of wasting your time reading a dozen conflicting opinions about every facet of training and nutrition, you don’t have 40+ free hours every month to keep up with the scientific research for yourself, and you’re serious about learning how to optimize your training, nutrition, and recovery practices to get the best results, MASS is the best investment you can make.

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