HMB (β-hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate) is a breakdown product of the amino acid leucine (known for its effect on stimulation muscle protein synthesis). HMB has been used as a supplement for the last two decades. It got an upswing after a study (1) found it to increase lean body mass by almost 7 kg after 12 weeks of supplementation. But what about the rest of the research? Let’s look into it.

Mixed Results

Other studies have assessed HMB supplementation effects on strength and body composition and the results are inconclusive. Some studies report small gains in strength and/or body composition whereas others don’t.

No Effect in Trained Individuals

A recently published meta-analysis (a combination of results of multiple studies) aimed to clarify the effects of HMB supplementation on strength and body composition (2). Participants had at least one year of weight training experience or competed at college or professional level. They trained between 2-7 days a week and received daily supplementation with 3 g HMB. The result was that daily HMB supplement didn’t improve strength or body composition.

Benefits in Untrained and Elderly

Other studies show nearly the same result. HMB supplementation with 3 grams per day was shown to have a small effect for gaining fat-free mass and strength when conducted with resistance training in untrained individuals (3-4).

We really mean small effect: around 0.28% more gain in lean mass per week and 1.4% more strength gains per week. Even though the findings are STATISTICALLY significant (p <0.05), meaning that the findings are probably not based on luck, they are not of practical relevance. This means tha a beginner might gain a couple more % muscle on HMB, but that the benefits probably diminish over time.

In addition to this HMB supplementation, when added to a resistance-training program, prevented muscle loss in older individuals (5-6).

In Summary

Supplementation with 3 g HMB a day failed to show a significant effect on body composition or maximal strength in trained individuals. Supplementation may result in small gains in strength and prevent muscle loss in untrained or older individuals. As a beginner, we would recommend you put your money and energy on your workouts rather than on this insignificant supplement.

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Post provided by @maria_ekblom, a member of #teamEBT. Licensed physiotherapist and personal trainer.

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