Rest Pause Training – What Is It & Does It Work?

Rest Pause Training – What Is It & Does It Work?

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Rest-pause training can be performed with <30 seconds of rest between sets or by resting four seconds between every single rep. Rest-pause training with four seconds of rest between each rep led to more reps per set than traditional rest-between-sets training by providing some intra-set recovery. There may be a point of diminishing returns for volume’s effect on strength, as the rest-pause group did not gain more strength despite doing significantly more volume.

The study didn’t measure hypertrophy, and since the added volume came in the form of extra reps per set and not additional sets, which was the key vari-able in Schoenfeld’s meta-analysis, it is not promised that more muscle mass will be gained with rest pause training.

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Effect of rest-pause vs. traditional bench press training on muscle strength, electromyography, and lifting volume in randomized trial protocols. doi: 10.1007/s00421-017-3661-6.

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