Natural Vs Unnatural Chemicals

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Natural Vs Unnatural Chemicals

The fear of “chemicals” is really fascinating to us. “Unnatural artificial chemicals”. Sounds kinda scary right? But what is natural? Something found in the jungle? And does something being “natural” say anything about whether or not it is good for us?

A common argument that we see used in the nutrition industry is that something is better because it is natural, a phenomenon called the appeal to nature fallacy.

While it’s may seem reasonable that something natural is better suited for us we first need to define what we even mean by natural. If we are referring to something found in nature, there is a paradox as most molecules, including sugar, are found in nature. There are plenty of examples of chemicals found in nature which are bad for us.

At the same time there are plenty of man made molecules which have undoubtedly saved thousands of lives. Remember to look at the actual effects of the substance you are considering, and not whether it is made-made or not.

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