Leave your car at home – Live a longer healthier life

Many of you have probably seen the article that we will present today, but it is a too important finding not to be addressed by EBT. You all know about the positive effects of regular exercise on cardiovascular disease (CVD), cancer, and yes, practically all other conditions. How about the time you spend commuting between your house and work/school/ store? Have you seen that time as an opportunity to do something good, or just time to, in your mind, curse at fellow commuters in cars beside/in front of yours?

Study outcomes

The present study showed that commuting by cycling is associated with a lower risk of all- cause mortality, adverse CVD and cancer outcomes and that commuting by foot is associated with lower risk of CVD incidence and mortality, in a dose dependent manner- i.e. the longer and more frequently the better. The study also found positive benefits regarding a mixed approach with cycling + a passive commute. The study included over 200.000 individuals aged 40-69 from different areas in Great Britain with a median follow-up time of 5 years.

Data from the study seems to indicate that cycling in particular holds the most benefits. The reasons behind this is surely multifaceted, but probably related to a higher activity level. However, walking will also keep you healthier than the average commuter who takes the train or car.

The positive associations stood strong independent of sex, age, depression, smoking status, other physical activity, dietary patterns, body mass index, comorbidities and many more. Thus, practically everyone will benefit from getting out there, leaving the car behind and commuting by cycling or by foot.


Carlos A Celis-Morales. Association between active commuting and incident cardiovascular disease, cancer, and mortality: prospective cohort study. BMJ 2017;357:j1456

Article by team EBT member @jonasliefke, 3rd year Medical Student, BSc Physiotherapy. www.jonasliefke.com

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