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DNA tests to predict muscle

Can DNA Tests Predict Gains?

Can DNA-tests really predict performance? This first-of-its-kind study tries to answer this question! It let athletes take DNA-tests from their saliva and used 14 gene variants to classify them as either “endurance” or “power” athletes, based on their

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3 Keys To Understand Science

“Just a few years ago scientists were saying fat is bad, and now they are saying fat is good!? F*** science it can’t be trusted”, “Studies are always coming up with conflicting results. I don’t trust science.” We

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Arguing With Emotions Instead Of Facts

Have you ever caught yourself being stubborn and arguing with emotions instead of facts? Tell us in the comments and share this post! We’ve all been guilty of it. Letting our emotions and pride get the best of

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Red Meat Vs Smoking

‘What the Health’ claims that red meat is in the same WHO category as tobacco when it comes to cancer. Have they fooled you with this statement? First off, cancer has been associated to PROCESSED RED MEAT consumption

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Understanding Science – Linked vs Causes

Ever made this assumption? Articles and documentaries often say that a certain foods are “linked” to certain diseases. This is often assumed to mean that the food CAUSES the disease, but what it actually means is that the

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The picture below shows that, in reality, no ONE study can answer a question. In fact, when trying to reproduce 56 big published studies, Dr. Glen Begley found that only SIX studies reached the same result. Scary right?

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Most fitness studies usually only last for a few weeks, meaning that participants usually don’t have time gain a lot of measurable strength or muscle mass. Researchers get around this by using INDIRECT MEASUREMENTS, so called “surrogate markers”.

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