Arguing With Emotions Instead Of Facts

Arguing With Emotions Instead Of Facts

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Have you ever caught yourself being stubborn and arguing with emotions instead of facts? Tell us in the comments and share this post!

We’ve all been guilty of it. Letting our emotions and pride get the best of us. Refusing to change our opinion because it’s gone too far. We’re here to ask you to be the bigger person.

We once posted about how the deep squat barely was useful, but quickly learnt that our post was too simplified. At first we refused to accept it, but admitting our wrong made us humble and more careful about simplifying science. One of the reasons we started EBT was to teach people what it really means to KNOW if something is true. Citing sources isn’t enough. EVERYONE should know what separates GOOD research from BAD research.

Even though we were told to be “critical thinkers” in primary school we didn’t REALLY understand what this meant until we were in the final years of medical school. All of a sudden we became the angry old men shaking our heads at all the fake news in media. But being mad isn’t the solution. Instead we need to ENCOURAGE and TEACH people how to critically evaluate facts. Understanding the difference between observational studies, trials, relative risk, absolute risk etc.

It’s a shame not everyone gets to learn these things, but if EBT can help just a FEW more people to understand how science REALLY works, we will feel like the hours we spend creating these posts is worth it.

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