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running barefoot

Barefoot running can help decrease knee pain

Barefoot running can help decrease knee pain Patellofemoral pain is one of the most common cause of knee pain. It is caused by imbalances in the forces controlling patellar tracking during knee flexion and extension, particularly with overloading

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People running explosively

Improve Your Running Performance

Running economy (RE) is defined as “the oxygen uptake required at a given submaximal running velocity”. If you want to improve your running performance, this is thought to be the key parameter that will affect your endurance. But

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An energy drink

Energy Drinks And Endurance Exercise Performance

A trend in sports nutrition is the consumption of energy drinks, thanks to its perceived ergogenic effects. Most contain caffeine, taurine, carbohydrates, amino acids, and vitamins. What’s not so very known however is the effect of energy drinks

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Sprint Intervals Omar Kaakati

Improve Your Aerobic Capacity With Sprint Intervals

150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise is the recommendation for improving health markers in adults. However, adherence to these recommendations remains low in the overall population. Lack of time has been identified as one of the

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