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Blood Type Diets

Sometimes we can become intrigued by an idea that sounds good in theory, such as the claim that foods will react differently depending on your blood type, and that, to lose weight optimally, you therefore should adapt your

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How To Coach Lifting Technique Effectively

Most people would expect that the best way to master a skill is to perform it perfectly, over and over again, with the repetition of perfect technique ingraining and refining the motor pattern. Paradoxically, the opposite tends to

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Cinnamon for Weight Loss

As the holidays are approaching, unfortunately, so is weight gain. It’s no secret that during Christmas holiday people tend to gain a few pounds… or more. Some of those pounds may come from more excessive eating of more

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How to Limit Muscle Loss as You Age

Changes associated with normal aging increase nutritional risks for older adults. With aging, the human body loses its ability to keep inner balance (homeostatic control) and organs decrease in functioning quality.  The elderly body needs less calories as

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Shorter thighs and upper arms gives you a strength advantage

Eccentric Vs. Concentric training. Which Is Better?

How should you think about the benefits during lifting (concentric) and lowering (eccentric) of the weight during your workout?  Resistance training involves two types of movements, concentric and eccentric. Concentric movement is when the muscle shortens while producing

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Sugar pile on a table


Sugar. We hear so much about it. Are all sugars bad for us? White sugar? Brown sugar? Added sugar? Natural sugar? Should you avoid it all? This longer article breaks down the science! Understanding Sugar Molecules To understand

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THE 4-DAY DIET: 100% Carbs vs 100% Protein

In today’s study the researchers tackle obesity in a new way. The intention was to try a focused fat loss program on study participants and look at the effects on body composition, lean mass (muscle, more or less)

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