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GLUTAMINE molecule

When To Take Glutamine?

Glutamine is a supplement claimed to increase performance. Does it really? Let’s look into the science. Glutamine is an Amino Acid Proteins are made of 20 different amino acids, and glutamine is one of the so called non-essential

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A picture of glycine molucle

Do You Need BCAA To Build Muscle?

Amino Acids Proteins are made up of smaller units called amino acids. There are 20 different amino acids – 11 non-essential, those that the body can produce on its own, and 9 essential, the ones the body can’t

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Man running on a road without a shirt


Exercise in combination with protein supplementation is a common practice among athletes today. The main goal is to increase muscle mass and strength. Although there are many studies on the subject, there are conflicting results if protein supplementation

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A tiger sleeping

Are you getting enough sleep?

Do you think yourself as a person that don’t need that much sleep and that maybe pride yourself in how well you function with a bit less sleep than the average joe? Even if you are not, you

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Bench press setup

Full Body Workout Vs. Split Routines

Of the many aspect in your workout routine that determine how fast you grow, one important aspect to consider is how often you should train a muscle. Classic splits have a frequency of once a week per muscle,

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Fruits in a bowl with apples and bananas


Nowadays it’s generally accepted to eat 3 main meals daily and have a few snacks between them. Some athletes and bodybuilders preach eating 5 meals per day, but is this rule of thumb beneficial for the average gym-goer

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Does Intermittent Fasting Burn More Fat?

It’s time for another look into the potential effects of intermittent fasting. This time it is the “leangains” method that is up for scrutiny, and it seems to hold up really well. How does intermittent fasting affect muscle

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Flexing calves

How To Make Your Calves Grow

Having trouble growing your calf muscles? Do you feel like your patience is running out? We’ll give you insight on the topic! Calf Anatomy The calf consists of three muscle groups: the gastrocnemius (the outer portion, the muscle

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