How To Avoid Unwanted Weight Gain

How To Avoid Unwanted Weight Gain

to avoid unwanted weight gain

The terms “clean” and “dirty” foods is something that many claim do not exist as it can be difficult to classify certain foods within these categories. For us, a “dirty” food is one which in some manner disrupts your body’s natural ability to feel full when you reach your caloric balance.

Thus, eating “clean” foods should result in satiety when maintenance calories have been consumed. Studies involving telling a group to eat as they usually do but to add 60 grams of nuts to their daily diet did not result in weight gain. Similar studies where a group consumed sweetened drink in their daily diet caused the population to gain weight.

Neither of these groups where counting macronutrients and presumably ate until satiety, and the additional nuts probably caused the individuals to eat less of other foods throughout the day whereas the sweet drink did not. Thus, for individuals who are not counting calories, the type of foods you choose to consume can have an impact on your weight!

The principle of counting calories or restricting food choices is part of our 5 laws to succeed with any diet. We teach you exactly what to look for to classify a food as “clean” in our E-book Diet Like a Doctor.  Get it now to get rational on your food choices.


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