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A stack of white protein powder

Everything you Need to Know About Protein

The Introductory Protein Bible With so much information about protein, this article is going to set some things straight. Protein is the building block of muscle and is made up of 20 different amino acids. Only some amino

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Different plates with food, timing of food

When to Eat for Maximum Muscle Growth

One of the premiere strategies for maximizing muscle growth is timing your nutrients properly. Now to be clear, nutrient timing is just a strategy for maximizing muscle growth. It’s not absolutely needed to build muscle. Research has consistently

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A timer showing a deadline

Protein Timing – Does it matter?

This systematic review compared how consistently between-meal protein supplementation resulted in changes to lean mass, body fat, total body mass, and the ratio of lean to fat gains, when compared to with-meal protein supplementation. Both approaches produced similarly

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An elderly pair walking and lifting bags

How to Limit Muscle Loss as You Age

Changes associated with normal aging increase nutritional risks for older adults. With aging, the human body loses its ability to keep inner balance (homeostatic control) and organs decrease in functioning quality.  The elderly body needs less calories as

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Plant protein from beans

Plant Vs. Animal Protein

We are overwhelmed with various protein sources including whey protein, casein, BCAAs, EAAs, soy protein, rice protein and many more. Each one is trying to make their case as to why they are the optimal protein type. Some

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