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Woman doing chin up

Pocket Guide for Back Workouts

Back Workout: Your Exercise Guide Your back muscles are essential for spinal and core stability and are the foundation to a strong lift. The muscles of the back are divided into: Instrinsic muscles ( semispinalis, multifidus and rotatores: fuse

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Kettlebells on the floor at the gym

3 Ways to Build Muscle in Less Time

There will be days where you can’t even spend a full hour in the gym. Responsibilities pull for your attention, important events fill up your calendar, and annoying meetings seemed to be scheduled at the most inconvenient hours.

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Different plates with food, timing of food

When to Eat for Maximum Muscle Growth

One of the premiere strategies for maximizing muscle growth is timing your nutrients properly. Now to be clear, nutrient timing is just a strategy for maximizing muscle growth. It’s not absolutely needed to build muscle. Research has consistently

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