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Weight training for abdominal muscles

4 Ways to Burn More Calories

4 Ways to Burn More Calories & Why Cardio Sucks! Choosing the correct type of exercise is critical for losing weight and keeping it off. By the end of this, you’ll realize cardio alone sucks for weight loss,

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DNA tests to predict muscle

Can DNA Tests Predict Gains?

Can DNA-tests really predict performance? This first-of-its-kind study tries to answer this question! It let athletes take DNA-tests from their saliva and used 14 gene variants to classify them as either “endurance” or “power” athletes, based on their

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A timer showing a deadline

Protein Timing – Does it matter?

This systematic review compared how consistently between-meal protein supplementation resulted in changes to lean mass, body fat, total body mass, and the ratio of lean to fat gains, when compared to with-meal protein supplementation. Both approaches produced similarly

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