Month: July 2018

Cancer on a magazine paper zoomed

The Truth About Sugar And Cancer

Does sugar feed cancer? The idea originally came from the discovery that cancer cells use sugar without oxygen (glycolysis) more than regular cells do, called the Warburg effect (1). But it’s not sugar that CAUSES this change. Cells

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A burger and an apple, are you hungry

Real Vs. Fake Hunger?

Ever noticed how you can feel “full” after a meal but then still end up wanting dessert when presented with the opportunity? Your mind chooses to pursue “rewarding” food despite your caloric needs being met. Your “hunger” in

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A timer showing a deadline

Protein Timing – Does it matter?

This systematic review compared how consistently between-meal protein supplementation resulted in changes to lean mass, body fat, total body mass, and the ratio of lean to fat gains, when compared to with-meal protein supplementation. Both approaches produced similarly

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Bicarbonate supplementation – Fake news?

This paper examined the acute ability of sodium bicarbonate supplementation to improve lower body training volume and attenuate fatigue and if any potential benefits enhanced long-term strength gains. 0.3 g per kg of sodium bicarbonate is effective at

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