Based on the available evidence, sleep extension (getting in bed for at least 9-10 hours per night) seems to most directly increase performance. The optimal amount of sleep for athletes may be greater than the optimal amount of sleep for the general population.

Sleep hygiene interventions have mixed results but may improve sleep and aid in performance without requiring much time or energy, making them a safe bet. Ultimately, you can’t really hack sleep, and sleeping enough will improve performance. Make sure you have good sleeping conditions, and get yourself in bed for enough hours each night.

To improve your sleep quality, focus on keeping a consistent sleep/wake cycle and proper sleep hygiene. To really reap the benefits of sleep for athletic performance, aim to spend at least 9-10 hours per night in bed. If you’re training hard but still having trouble sleeping, it’s worth dialing back your training and eating more for a couple of weeks, since poor sleep in spite of intense training is a leading indicator of overtraining.

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