Are you over-confident in your fitness expertise?

Dunning Kruger

Ever noticed how you feel very entitled to argue on a topic after watching a documentary or reading a book on it?

Before learning about a topic, we are usually aware of our limitations, but after our first glimpse we gain a lot of confidence despite lack of experience. With time we, when we make mistakes and realize how much we don’t know, we lose the arrogance and over a much longer time we slowly regain this confidence as true “experts”. We never really reach the early level confidence though, since we always remain humble to what we don’t know. This is known as the Daniel Kruger effect, and is a phenomenon common in the fitness industry but also in medicine, where new doctors with some experience quickly gain confidence, making them dangerous since it is at this stage that they will refrain from asking more experienced colleagues for advice before clinical decision making, increasing risk of making mistakes.

Dunning Kruger

Dunning Kruger Effect


Take home

Stay humble and always consider what you DON’T know as well as what you do know.

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