Wanna do more pull ups?

Wanna do more pull ups?

Wanna do more pull ups?

Wanna do more pull ups?

Contrary to what you might think, soley working on doing many reps of pull-ups is not the optimal way to increase the maximum amount of pull ups you can do.

Endurance is actually related to strength in that you have a very high endurance when lifing loads lighter than 25% of your 1-repetition maximum. Therefore, increasing your 1-RM, i.e. increasing your strength will help you immensely with increasing the maximum amount of reps you can perform with lighter weights.

Therefore you should train pull-ups with heavy weight or do heavy lat pull-downs with a load of 1-4 RM. Of course, high rep training is also beneficial, especially for increase light weight endurance. Therefore, ideally, a combination of both training methods will allow you to maximize your pull-up reps. .
This is based on comparisons between wrestlers and weightlifters where wrestlers can do a few more more repetitions for any given % of their 1RM (they have high muscular enduance). The benefit is not that high for heavy weights around 60% of 1RM.

Weightlifters, however, are generally stronger and will be able to do more repetitions of a given relatively heavy weight.


Vladimir Zatsiorsky, William Kraemer. Science and Practice of Strength Training. January 2006.

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