The Vegan Athlete Blueprint


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“If you’re a vegetarian or vegan athlete, you should get the Vegan Athlete Blueprint. It can be a challenge to sift through all the information out there to make sure you can maximize your performance or body composition while eating a plant-based diet. This book is accurate, comprehensive, and well-written, and it’ll help you cut through the BS to maximize your results in the gym. It’s a must-own for any vegetarian or vegan athlete”
-Greg Nuckols.

I get tons of questions on how a plant-based diet affects muscle, health and performance. Here I’m going to give you the COMPLETE guide that any plant-based athlete needs. This info is useful for:

  1. Anyone who wants to shift to a more plant-based diet: both vegetarian, vegan and flexitarians!
  2. Anyone who wants to improve their health and their diet in general
  3. Anyone who wants science based facts and not opinions based on nothing!

Many of you have probably seen the horrendous footage from factory farming and realized how unethical the meat industry can be. Even if you have turned the blind eye to this footage, you may know that meat production is a large contributor to global warming. Give these facts, I decided to give the vegan diet a shot. But as a lifter, fitness coach, doctor and scientist, I decided that I was going to do it right. I wanted to KNOW what was TRUE and FALSE when it came to plant based diets, using an objective scientific approach. I so did something crazy.

I entered PubMed, a huge study database, and simply searched “vegetarian diet” and went through every single big review study I could find. Based on all the research I put together a Vegan Athlete Blueprint for optimizing the vegan diet as an athlete. Here’s what I learnt:

While most vegans know they need to supplement with vitamin B12, there is reason to believe that vegan athletes also need to be mindful of iron, zinc, calcium, vitamin D, iodine, and omega-3 intakes!

Vegans actually need MORE protein in their diets compared to non-vegans, and it’s important to combine protein sources in the right way to get all essential amino acids into your diet.

Vegan diets affect weight, inflammation, heart disease and cancer risk, but HOW BIG these effects are depends on how you break the data down.

While testosterone levels don’t seem to be lower among vegans, athletic performance in vegan athletes can potentially be improved by supplementing with creatine, beta alanine and taurine. Vegan protein supplements can also be use, but you need to know which combination is right for you!

These are just SOME of the things that I learnt when creating the Vegan Athlete Blueprint. Implementing all of the above in practice isn’t easy, but I put together a system which allowed me to go vegan and STILL make gains in the gym.

So if you’re athlete who wants to combine an ethical diet with maximal performance the Vegan Athlete Blueprint is for you!

Apart from more info on the things above, you also get:

  • A complete breakdown of important vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients for plant-based athletes, including which foods you MUST have in your plant-based diet for each nutrient.
  • A SIMPLE rule for ensuring you get the right amount amino acids from plant-based foods.
  • Lists of the top grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables for athletes.
  • Two complete vegan meal plans for BULKING and CUTTING as an athlete.
  • A breakdown of plant-based protein supplements
  • The truth about DAIRY from a scientific perspective (will surprise you!).
  • How to PRACTICALLY apply all of the above!

Everything in the Vegan Athlete Blueprint is based on scientific evidence. No opinions, no propaganda. If you truly want to be the best vegan athlete you can be, you are one click away from making that a reality.