Caffein Capsules, do they boost performance?

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Caffein Capsules, do they boost performance?

Caffeine Evidence Based Training EBT

6 mg per kg of body weight of caffeine taken 60 minutes before training is likely the best approach to acute caffeine consumption to improve strength performance. That’s about 8-10 cups of coffee, so you’re better off taking caffein capsules.

Caffeine may help lower body strength more than upper body strength, so if you are worried about habituation decreasing caffeine’s effects, then save it for before lower body sessions.

Don’t over-consume caffeine. 6 mg per kg seems to be recommended, but the evidence does not show that more caffeine past this point is better; if anything, more may cause disorientation and actually harm acute performance. If the recommended dosage causes negative side effects, then reduce the amount.

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Caffeine ingestion acutely enhances muscular strength and power but not muscular endurance in resistance-trained men. doi: 10.1080/17461391.2017.1330362.

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