Stop focusing on macros, start focusing on food quality

“You should eat more protein”. “Stay away from carbs”. We’ve all heard it. How much truth is there to these claims? Well it all depends on your goals! Are you preparing for a physique competition or photoshoot? Do you just want to live a healthy lifestyle? We are lost in the fitness industry’s promoted slogans, forgetting what we are eating and living for.

Now the facts: Sigal Sofer et al. published meta-analysis 2015 covering food consumption, timing, and macronutrient importance on well being and obesity prevention. Data from over 5 years showed following results:

1. No matter which macro you emphasize in your diet (protein, carbohydrate or fat), you won’t gain weight al long as you are in a caloric deficit or isocaloric state.

2. All diets stated above showed similar results in reduction of visceral, hepatic bodyfat (%) and lean body mass preservation.

3. High carb evening meals vs eating carbs evenly throughout the day didn’t matter. If anything, carbs at night led to higher satiety levels.


On the other hand, some points need to be made clear. The study still shows that timing of food plays a role on body weight regulation and disease prevention, as, for instance, larger breakfasts have shown positive effects on biochemical markers for diabetes. Also, diets like the Mediterranean or DASH diets have been shown to be beneficial for comparing hypertension and other cardiovascular/metabolic diseases. The benefit from these diets probably comes from FOOD QUALITY and not macros. So shift your focus! What is a quality food? Check out the link in the bio to learn more.


Sigal Sofer et al. Nutrition Targeting by Food Timing: Time-Related Dietary Approaches to Combat Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome Adv Nutr March 2015 Adv Nutr vol. 6: 214-223, 2015

Article by team EBT member @ed_someday_doctor, senior medical student and future resident in sport‘s medicine and clinical nutrition.

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