Exercising prior to flu vaccination may not enhance prevention

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Influenza infects 5-10% of adults annually, more so during the cold season, and is not something to be messed with. Symptoms often present as fever, cough, sore throat etc. and be very tiring on the body and the physique.

Many people often get vaccinated in hope of avoiding influenza. If or when you’ve gotten the vaccine you may have heard the advice to withhold from physical activity otherwise the vaccine won’t give you the proper protection. Although others offer the exact opposite advice; to exercise prior to vaccination to get the maximum effect. A recent study wanted to assess the efficacy and safety of short- and long-term exercise prior to influenza vaccination to enhance influenza prevention in adults.

Six randomized controlled studies were included that compared exercise before influenza vaccination with participants who did not exercise before influenza vaccination. The author analyzed the findings and found that the overall quality of evidence was low. The studies lacked blinding of both the participants and the authors and generally had small sample sizes.

Therefore, the study conducted is unable to determine if exercise before influenza vaccination is effective for reducing influenza incidence or complications related to the flu. .
Post provided by @maria_ekblom, a member of #teamEBT. Licensed physiotherapist and personal trainer.

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