Evening Workout Vs. Morning Workout

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Evening Workout Vs. Morning Workout

Workout Evening Or Morning?

What time should you head to the gym?

Most people will perform best in the evenings. However, people who often train in the morning will adapt to training at these times, resulting in similar performance and gains in strength and hypertrophy.

Arguments for why evening training may be include that our body temperature and thus heart rate and neural activity are higher in the evening, but this is a minor difference. There is no consensus on a difference in maximal muscle activity comparing morning to evening training.

Hormonally, the testosterone response is higher in the evening, but the basal levels are higher in the morning, while cortisol is lower in the evening. At the end of the day (pun intended), your performance seems to be the most important factor for controlling your muslce gains, rather than minor differences in hormone levels or body temperatue. Performance seems to be adaptable to the time of day in which training occurs for the majority of individuals. People who are chronically tired in the morning should, however, prioritize evening training.

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