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Pregnant women in blue using bands to workouts

Exercising During Pregnancy – Good or Bad?

For a long time, women were discouraged from exercising during pregnancy due to lack of research about pregnant women’s’ health. During the 1980s, women began to question these claims and more research was done in the field. Frida

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Measuring your belly

Aging And Belly Fat

Many women who follow healthy lifestyle habits sooner or later get stuck with stubborn fat around their bellies. It seems like no matter what you do: intense workouts, cardio, strict diet regime… the ABS WON’T SHOW… The situation

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A girl doing pull ups

Training Optimized to Your Period

There are big hormonal differences between men and women. The main sex hormone for men is testosterone, which increases gradually with age, reaching its maximum in the 20’s and slowly decreasing after that. Women, however, have several sex

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Erytrocytes in a picture

Why Extreme Dieting Is Dangerous

Most diets are foreign to our bodies, and in the quest to reduce body fat, we need to remember that long-term dieting together with weight training can have negative consequences. Body fat reduction can, for example, disrupt hormonal

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bulky women

Lifting weights will not make women bulky!

Lifting weights will not make women bulky! On average, 30% of a woman’s bodyweight is composed of muscle, while men have around 40%. Women actually gain a bit more muscle, percentage-wise, initially, but the absolute amount of muscle

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