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Working Out Stops You From Overeating

Physical activity does more than just increase total energy expenditure. When activity is low, appetite is dysregulated, resulting in excess food intake and weight gain. Higher levels of activity seem to increase appetite control. The combination of being

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Is Sitting Dangerous?

If you think that going to the gym 3 times a week or walking to work and back everyday or enough significantly reduce your risk of mortality, think again. Many of us spend the majority of the day

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Protein Brownie Recipe

Indulge in a delicious protein-filled brownie!  WHAT YOU NEED 100ml of egg whites 50g of Whey Protein (chocolate) 1 banana 40g of coconut flour 20g of coconut flakes (optional) 30g of cocoa powder 1 tbsp of Stevia 1

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Can exercise treat depression?

There is a lot of epidemiological evidence finding associations between high fitness and incidence or depression as well as depression-symptoms. As for experimental studies, there is modest evidence for a causal relationship suggesting that physical exercise has a

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Cinnamon for Weight Loss

As the holidays are approaching, unfortunately, so is weight gain. It’s no secret that during Christmas holiday people tend to gain a few pounds… or more. Some of those pounds may come from more excessive eating of more

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5 Fitness Myths That Won’t Go Away

You have surely heard some of them before – there is something special about them – they simply won’t go away. If you’re new to dieting, it’s easy to fall for the myths. Fitness myths can make achieving

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Sugar. We hear so much about it. Are all sugars bad for us? White sugar? Brown sugar? Added sugar? Natural sugar? Should you avoid it all? This longer article breaks down the science! Understanding Sugar Molecules To understand

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