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Can Body Weight Training Build Muscle?

You do not need a gym to build muscle! The principles of resistance training can be applied using bodyweight exercises. This is evident when looking the bodies of gymnasts, who almost solely use bodyweight exercises in their training.

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Body Fat

Body Fat Measurement Techniques

As you know, BMI is not optimal to measure body fat because it cannot differentiate between fat and muscle. Let’s break down the alternative methods to measure body fat: Waist circumference (WC): a simple way of measuring abdominal

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How Your Attitude Affects Your Results

It is probably not surprising that your attitude when approaching a challenge strongly affects your results. Sometimes expecting results will actually lead to better results than if you were not expecting any results. An example of this is

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Bell Peppers antioxidants

Oven Roast Bell Peppers To Save Antioxidants

Peppers, in general red and yellow, contain high amounts of antioxidants (vitamin C, carotenoids, polyphenol). The levels of these compounds in pepper depend on many factors, including cultivar, maturity, growing conditions, and climate. It also depends on how

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What Makes You A Hardgainer?

The effectiveness of how much energy your muscles use for a given movement varies depending on your calorie intake. TEA (Thermic Effect of Activity) refers to how much energy your muscles use for a given activity. In a

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Measuring your belly

Hack Your Metabolism!

Did you know that some of the calories you eat are used to break down the food? TEF or Thermic Effect of Food refers to the energy used by your body to digest and break down proteins, fats

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Vitamin D Ebtofficial

The Truth About Eating Carbs At Night

It is normal to worry about timing of meals when trying to cut or build muscle. We have already covered the fact that protein timing is generally less relevant as long as the total amount of protein consumed

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An energy drink

Does Alcohol Affect Your Gains?

Alcohol consumption before exercise was once thought to be ergogenic (increasing performance), but the literature today points towards that low-moderate doses of alcohol consumption before exercise has negative effects on cardiovascular endurance. The evidence for how alcohol affects

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A girl doing pull ups

Does High Volume Training Boost Gains?

This meta-analysis compared strength gains with low and high volume training, in both trained and untrained lifters. The effect sizes for higher weekly volumes were ~20-25% larger than the effect sizes for lower weekly volumes, which means 20-25%

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Should You Work Out Many Times A Day?

In a recent study, performing the entirety of one’s strength training in a single session versus splitting it up into three sessions per training day didn’t affect gains in lean body mass, upper body strength, or upper body

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