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Workout Evening Or Morning?

Evening Workout Vs. Morning Workout

What time should you head to the gym? Most people will perform best in the evenings. However, people who often train in the morning will adapt to training at these times, resulting in similar performance and gains in

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Mental health and overweight

How Being Overweight Affects Mental Health

Depression & Anxiety I am currently doing my psychiatry rotations, and I am SHOCKED to see how depression and anxiety ruins peoples’ lives. Keep in mind that I’m talking about CLINICAL depression and anxiety. This is NOT the

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Why Sitting Too Long Is Bad for You

Did you know that 5 MILLION people die each year because of physical inactivity? Current recommendations are 75-150 min cardio and 2 weight training sessions per week. How can we help people get there? Before we dive into

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Posture sitting on a computer

What’s Good Posture?

What does good posture look like? “Keep your spine neutral”, “tuck your shoulder blades”, “avoid butt wink”. These advice stem from classic physiotherapy looking for the position in which weight is evenly distributed across the body, so that

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A burger and an apple, are you hungry

Real Vs. Fake Hunger?

Ever noticed how you can feel “full” after a meal but then still end up wanting dessert when presented with the opportunity? Your mind chooses to pursue “rewarding” food despite your caloric needs being met. Your “hunger” in

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Can Body Weight Training Build Muscle?

You do not need a gym to build muscle! The principles of resistance training can be applied using bodyweight exercises. This is evident when looking the bodies of gymnasts, who almost solely use bodyweight exercises in their training.

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Body Fat

Body Fat Measurement Techniques

As you know, BMI is not optimal to measure body fat because it cannot differentiate between fat and muscle. Let’s break down the alternative methods to measure body fat: Waist circumference (WC): a simple way of measuring abdominal

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