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The Truth About Fat Burners

The idea of a pill that will burn your fat for you is an enticing one, but also a lie! What people often want from a fat burner is a pill to help them lose weight, and there

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Blood Type Diets

Sometimes we can become intrigued by an idea that sounds good in theory, such as the claim that foods will react differently depending on your blood type, and that, to lose weight optimally, you therefore should adapt your

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Losing Weight Is Easy, But…

What many people don’t realize when they decide to go on a diet is that temporarily changing what you eat will lead to you temporarily changing your weight. There are many diets which give short-term results, and it

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Should You Give Up On Sugar?

Good news! You CAN and SHOULD enjoy some candy once in a while without feeling like you are going to get fat. People want an easy explanation for obesity. Sugar gets all the blame. Here’s the cold hard

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Spontaneous Physical Activity

Why do some people struggle with losing or gaining weight? “Hardgainers” claiming that they have a “high metabolism” are generally mistaken when they blame their base metabolic rate (BMR) for the troubles with gaining weight. Spontaneous physical activity

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3 Things To Keep In Mind When Dieting

The goal of the “cutting” phase is to use a caloric deficit (eating less than you burn) to shed the fat you have put on as you built muscle (using a caloric surplus) throughout the year. Optimizing your

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Hack Your Metabolism!

Did you know that some of the calories you eat are used to break down the food? TEF or Thermic Effect of Food refers to the energy used by your body to digest and break down proteins, fats

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How To Balance Cardio And Lifting

If you want or need to add cardio to your strength training, it’s best to perform them on separate days, if your schedule allows. In this study, strength gains were similar when doing cardio immediately after strength training

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