Month: August 2018

Posture sitting on a computer

What’s Good Posture?

What does good posture look like? “Keep your spine neutral”, “tuck your shoulder blades”, “avoid butt wink”. These advice stem from classic physiotherapy looking for the position in which weight is evenly distributed across the body, so that

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Insulin and sugar, injection

Can Insulin help you build muscle?

“Eat some candy after your workout, you need to keep those insulin levels high bro, that’s how you get jacked”. No “bro”, it isn’t. Insulin is a hormone that tells your body’s cells to use the sugar in

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Injury football player laying down

How to prevent injury

You’ve probably heard that training too much can get you injured. You’ve probably also heard that training too little makes you weaker and more likely to get injured. This is the injury paradox. Training can both protect from

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Progress scale

How to track progress

A good workout program motivates you to get back to the gym for your next workout. For many people, the making PROGRESS gives a rewarding feeling which makes us want to keep training. (1) That’s why it’s important

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3 Keys To Understand Science

“Just a few years ago scientists were saying fat is bad, and now they are saying fat is good!? F*** science it can’t be trusted”, “Studies are always coming up with conflicting results. I don’t trust science.” We

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Filling a glas with milk from casein

Casein protein before bed

My parents used to tell me to drink a lot of milk. I never understood why, til I found out that milk was made up of two types of protein, casein and whey (okay, that was a joke).

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