Month: December 2017

A picture of glycine molucle

Food Additives: Chemicals in Food?

Are Food Additives Chemicals? “Free from additives and E-numbers” is a common slogan in organic marketing. It is important to remember that, generally speaking, the benefits of using additives outweigh the risks. E numbers represent different substances and

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The world from our universe

What Happens When You Eat at Night

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a pauper.” Have you ever heard this saying? It’s just another myth. It doesn’t matter what time you’re eating. What matters is how much you have

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Measuring your belly


The LCHF (low carb, high fat) diet has become very popular and works for many people. The diet itself is a good one, but the reasoning behind why it works is severely flawed! LCHF is said to make

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Two weights on the floor

Why You’re Failing With Toning Your Muscles

What is endurance and how can you improve it? Your choice of weight might be the key here! What is Strength and Endurance? Muscular endurance isn’t as clearly defined as strength. Strength is classically measured using a so-called

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HMB Supplements: Should You Take Them?

HMB (β-hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate) is a breakdown product of the amino acid leucine (known for its effect on stimulation muscle protein synthesis). HMB has been used as a supplement for the last two decades. It got an upswing after a

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Warming up


You have probably been told that it is important to do a thorough warm-up and maybe also some kind of a stretching routine before starting the “real” exercise program. Maybe there have been a time or two that

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Most fitness studies usually only last for a few weeks, meaning that participants usually don’t have time gain a lot of measurable strength or muscle mass. Researchers get around this by using INDIRECT MEASUREMENTS, so called “surrogate markers”.

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pillars of explosive


Are you an athlete training for an endurance sport? You better be implementing some heavy weight strength training into your workout regimen as well, rather than just focusing on endurance training. Stronger athletes move faster, have better posture

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Two men laying down from an injury

Will You Get Injured Lifting Weights?

If you have been training for a while chances are that you have been injured a couple of times, and maybe still suffer from a past injury that just don’t want to heal up.  If you haven’t been

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