Month: March 2017

A man lifting kettlebells

The Truth About Crossfit And Injuries

Crossfit does not increase the risk of injury compared to other sports! CrossFit has been around since 2000 and is growing in popularity. It combines ballistic gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting with traditional exercise. These exercises are performed in

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Food on a plate with shrimp

How To Eat Less Using This Simple Hack

Do you often feel hungry even after eating? We’re going to tell you about a good strategy to cope with that! A newly published study came to the conclusion that waiting 30 seconds in between bites of food

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Lifting weights omar kaakati ebtofficial rehab

How To Train When Injured

Many of us know how frustrating it can be to be injured and held back from our normal training program. Although inactivity and, sometimes, immobilization (cast, brace, etc) are often need to protect a healing injury, the side-effects

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People running explosively

Improve Your Running Performance

Running economy (RE) is defined as “the oxygen uptake required at a given submaximal running velocity”. If you want to improve your running performance, this is thought to be the key parameter that will affect your endurance. But

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